PKMS students of the month in March

POTEAU—Pansy Kidd Middle School students of the month for March.

Eighth grade

Name: Hannah Hicks

Parents: Tiffany Hicks and Lane Hicks

Electives: Band, coding and Spanish

She likes school because: I get a lot of opportunities and I get to do fun things.

Name: Stihl Snyder

Parents: Josh and Kristin Snyder

Electives: Coding, athletics, band

He likes school because: I get to hang out with my friends.

Seventh grade

Name: Brenna Adams

Parents: Becky Adams, Kevin Adams

Electives: Choir, band, FACS

She likes school because: All my friends are here. I love all my teachers.

Name: Connor Whitworth

Parents:  Amy Whitworth, Lyle Whitworth

Electives: Typing, current events

He likes school because: I learn different skills that I can apply to life in all subjects.

Sixth grade

Name: Kendy Traywick

Parents: Andrea Traywick and Kevin Traywick

Electives:  Athletics and explore

She likes school because: I get to go to math, athletics and see my friends.

Name: Brendon March

Parents: Joey Marsh, Kasey Marsh

Electives: Athletics, band

He likes school because: I can learn more in life skills and be with friends.

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