Kiger: 'Time’s up for Heavener water improvements'

Since being elected and prior, I've heard nothing but complaints about Heavener's water quality and burst lines causing the public, businesses and industries to shut down, losing revenues or production.

Since the break last week that shut many customers off from water for two days, I’m saying enough is enough. It is time for city leaders to make serious decisions and infrastructure investments.

I've had citizens and business owners calling not just to complain about the broken lines and brown water, but about the damage caused when solids get caught in hot water tanks and other appliances.

This causes people to have to pay out of their own pockets to replace their household appliances and equipment more frequently.

I've spoken with the city on different occasions about making the investment into their infrastructure and even provided contacts for those who could install new infrastructure, but enough talk.

Now it's time for serious action to be taken by the city.

I've contacted the Department of Environmental Quality about the concerns I’ve received from people getting brown to black water and the concerns I’ve received from business owners and industry leaders on their concerns of water quality and dependability.

We will get something done about this terrible situation one way or another. No one who pays a water fee and lives in this great state should have to suffer through this type of situation.

Some businesses and industries in the city pay enormous amounts monthly for water they need for their products and services, yet they have no confidence the water will remain on or the state it will be in when it arrives through their pipes.

That is completely unacceptable.

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