Fall gardening made easier

Gardening doesn’t end with summer. (Photo by Todd Johnson, OSU Agricultural Communications Services)


STILLWATER – Now that fall has fallen, Oklahoma gardeners can turn to Oklahoma State University Extension for helpful tips on how to prepare for the end of the year.

OSU Extension’s fall gardening fact sheet includes a wide range of vegetables that can outlast other summer crops, as well as how to prepare the soil for the next growing season. Continue reading “Fall gardening made easier”

Create new garden beds this fall

Renting a power edger will make creating a large garden bed easier and less labor intensive. Photo by  MelindaMyers.com. 


Fall is a great time to create new garden beds.  Cool, usually drier, fall weather makes it easier to work in the garden and for plants to establish. Plus, the Garden To-do list is often a bit shorter this time of year and you will get a head start on the next growing season. Continue reading “Create new garden beds this fall”

Plant in fall for a colorful spring display

Lilies grow from bulbs and their large prominent flowers brighten up gardens and provide vertical appeal. Photo courtesy of Melinda Myers, LLC


It’s time to think spring. Fall is the time to plant tulips, daffodils, crocus and other spring flowering bulbs. Use these early bloomers to welcome spring to your landscape. You’ll appreciate the color and cheery blooms after another long winter passes. Continue reading “Plant in fall for a colorful spring display”

Trend-setting daffodils for gardens and bouquets

Delnashaugh is one of the most impressive double daffodils with its frilly petals, while early blooming Pink Pride has ruffled cups that start off apricot and gradually turn coral pink. Photo by Longfield-Gardens.com


Daffodils are having their day. Floral designers are opening our eyes to a world of gorgeous daffodils that extends far beyond the iconic yellow trumpets. These unexpected varieties include doubles, bi-colors and split cups, in colors such as creamy white, peach, pink, gold and orange. Plant the bulbs in fall to see these beauties emerge in your spring garden. Then enjoy how they elevate all your spring bouquets. Continue reading “Trend-setting daffodils for gardens and bouquets”

Ripening tomatoes indoors extends flavor

Oklahoma gardeners can enjoy the fresh taste of tomatoes after cold weather has set in by ripening them indoors. (Photo by Todd Johnson, Agricultural Communications Services)


STILLWATER – There is nothing quite like the taste of a tomato picked fresh off the vine. But with the season quickly coming to a close, some gardeners may feel a little sad knowing that vine-fresh taste is fleeting. Continue reading “Ripening tomatoes indoors extends flavor”