Historical boycotts

Historically speaking


It is often said that words matter.  Historically speaking, this is often seen by using a particular word to connect to the past.  The Whig Party chose that name because in the 1830s everyone knew that the Whigs in England were the ones who had opposed the King.  By calling themselves the Whigs, they were criticizing Andrew Jackson by implying he wanted to be a monarch.

Recently this idea has played out with a Twitter beef between certain sports writers and LeBron James.  After the shooting of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks announced they would not play their opening round game against the Orlando Magic.  Quickly the rest of the NBA games were canceled as players refused to play in light of the most recent shooting.  The NBA came out in support of the cancelations and announced the games would be played at a later date in the near future. In writing about the games, many writers referred to the canceled games as postponements.  It was at that time that LeBron James tweeted, “Boycotted not postponed.” Continue reading “Historical boycotts”

Fix our medical insurance dilemma


MolletteGive all Americans the option to buy into Medicare. I’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare my entire life. I’m still paying to be on plan B and supplemental coverage. I also pay for prescription insurance. I often feel like a coffee coupon from McDonald’s would pay for about as much medicine as my prescription card pays.

I no longer pay over $1,600 a month in medical insurance but I still pay about $450 a month even with Medicare. Nothing is free.  Continue reading “Fix our medical insurance dilemma”